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S.E.G +1 in action

S.E.G +1 in action

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At S.E.G +1 we have developed a 

mag follower replacement,

designed to fit most AK mags,

 our unique patented follower automatically stops the bolt carrier, saving the last round in the chamber, for an easier & faster reload

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About Us

We identified a problem when reloading  AK rifles. The position of the charging handle combined with the lack of a bolt latch slowed down the reloading speed considerably, leaving the operator at a tactical disadvantage!

To resolve this reloading issue we created a system to keep the last bullet in the chamber at all times


This is how the S.E.G +1 follower was born

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S.E.G +1

Our mag follower fits most AK mags and doesn't require any gun modifications.

The S.E.G+1 can be installed easily with no tools.

It automatically STOPS the bolt carrier leaving it OPEN and saving the last round in the chamber for an easier & faster reload

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easy to install

How it Works

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Step 1

Open bolt in the last round

The S.E.G +1 follower keeps the bolt open when reaching the last round, signaling the operator to reload.

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Step 2

Visual Check

Before reloading, the operator conducts a visual check! one quick look tells you the gun's status

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Step 3

Replace with a full mag

Take out the empty mag, now, the bolt will shut close and keep the last round in the chamber.

Insert a full mag and keep shooting 


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S.E.G +1 in action

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